Transforming your home

Lesley Ann Interiors provides a full range of services from Interior design and decoration to home saleability consultations. Let us help alleviate those difficult decisions in organising, decorating and styling your home, which in turn will save you both time and money. We work closely with our clients to ensure we create a practical and beautiful home perfectly suited to you.
If you are having difficulties putting a scheme together, or need help to get your property looking good for the estate agents photos, or you just have not got the time to work on the Interior Designs yourself, then contact us for a no obligation meeting.


Interior Design

Are you unsure of what colours to use when decorating your room? Maybe you fancy something unique?  Or Need help in best way to lay out your new kitchen?

Our flexible approach enables you to select a service that best suits your individual needs, whether you are just looking for an inspiration board to help you visualise what you would like to achieve, a colour consultation, or one of our Interior Design services.

We can tailor make a service especially for you.   All our Interior Design Services will start with an initial consultation, which is free to our customers located in the local area.

We offer an e-design service for those clients who are further afield, or who will be implementing the new design themselves.

interior design
Home Staging

Are you looking to sell your property, and want to appeal to a broader marker and attract the right price?  

Home Staging is the art of preparing and dressing a property in readiness to sell, aiming to maximise its selling potential, and make it appealing to a wide market. We offer our clients House Saleability Consultations, to hands-on staging to make the property its best for the Estate Agents Photographer.

We provide you with a Professional Consultation giving advice and solutions from kerb appeal to spacial planning.

We offer e-consultation for those clients who live further afield, or to those who plan to implement the changes themselves.

home staging

Are you looking for storage solutions?  Do you need assistance to declutter a cupboard or a room?  Or perhaps you need an extra pair of hands to pack up some personal items?

We can assist by suggesting storage solutions that will work for you,  help to re-organise your space to its best potential, freeing up your time searching for your belongings!

We offer an e-consultation for those clients who are further afield or implementing the changes themselves.


What is Interior Design?

Interior design is an art of bringing a function, mood and a personality to your home or work place by using the 7 design elements; Space, Texture, Light, Colour, Form, Furnishings and Objects. The principle is to make your home work for you, but also making sure it is practical and aesthetically pleasing.

The 7 Elements of Interior Design

  1. Space isn’t about the size of a room, but being able to work with the space you have. Textures such as; fabrics, wall pattern and materials will provide dimension and depth to the room, creating an atmospheric feel.
  2. Texture, accompanied by the element of light also helps set the mood of the room. This can be through artificial lighting such as, overhead lighting, subtle lamp lighting, or by natural light naturally entering the room.
  3. Light is a key feature of any room, as it changes the colour and the textures, and adds to the ambiance of the space, highlighting attractive features, and objects in the room.
  4. The colour of the space plays an important part of interior design, as using the right colours can make a small room look larger, a large room look cosier, and using colours together can give it a whole new dimension. Colours also help stimulate certain senses; red is often used in restaurants to stimulate the appetite and sense of smell, whilst orange in schools to stimulate the mind.
  5. Form signifies movement and generally sets the pace for harmony, and balance, giving your room a uniformed and well presented layout.
  6. Furniture provides the functionality of the room, and gives the overall look and feel to the space.
  7. Carefully chosen objects and accessories complement the room, and give it that personal touch.

How we work

We are very flexible and offer a number of design options to suit all budgets and requirements. So whether you are looking for some inspiration to freshen and brighten up a room, or a paint colour consultation, a solution to help with your storage, or an entire room design, we can meet to discuss and decide which would be the best and economic service that we offer for you. For clients that do not live in the local area, or are looking to implement the work themselves, we also offer our affordable E-Design service that is delivered to your mailbox.